G. Love & Special Sauce Live @ House of Blues LA

In honor of their 20th anniversary on the road together, 90’s innovative hip-hop blues band G. Love & Special Sauce are cooking it up like always with their consistently energizing and vibrant live show, and a new record to top it off, Sugar.  Returning to the band on stand-up bass after five years apart is Jimi “Jazz” Prescott, locking the band back into their original 3-piece lineup.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Sugar tour for loyal and longtime fans is the unique structure of the live show.  In the spirit of trying “something new”, the band is playing two sets: the first set is the entire debut record, in sequence, start to finish.

The 1993 Debut Album, G. Love & Special Sauce

The 1993 Debut Album, G. Love & Special Sauce

Watch G. Love talk about the Two-Set Live Show

The New 2014 Album, Sugar

The New 2014 Album, Sugar

Watch the band talk about the making of their 2014 Album, “Sugar”

Then the second set is a combination of the new material off of Sugar, and an array of hits from their many albums spanning two decades.  Halfway through the second set G. Love graciously thanks the loyal audience for 20 years of listening.


Whether you were a fan back in the day or just discovering them, G. Love & Special Sauce continue to hold down their title as a unique, vibrant, groovy, hard working band with a consistently explosive live show, and an original sound that they coined years ago, which continues to be just as enjoyable today.

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Frankie Bourne is a singer-songwriter, screenwriter, filmmaker and journalist from San Francisco, CA. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.
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